Rev. Terrie

Rev. Terrie Brookins
Eight year veteran of Tarot
Wiccan Priestess
Provincially Registered Lay Chaplain


I love reading Tarot. I do! I started many many many years ago. As I delved into the creation that Arthur and Pixie made, I saw an entire new world open up!  I spent seven years learning and honing my skills before becoming a professional. Seven years later, I’m still having a great time!  A reading with me is like no other. I will relay the meaning of your reading and give you the whole picture of the energy surrounding the situation. As I have high ethics, your well being is my first priority. Each session should have a positive and empowering conclusion. Each reading will get either a hand written or emailed transcription of the session.

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Why Nine of Cups?

The Nine of Cups is the “Wish”  card. It’s divinatory meaning is all about having your dreams come true, being content, and getting want you want. Of course, there is always the caveat that you’ll get exactly what you want, so be careful!

Now, make a wish!