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Tarot Cards ~ Trumps

Intermediate 5 Card Reading ~ $50

This is a more in depth  reading when looking for a direction to go. The positions of the cards can mean, from left to right, “Past, Recent Past, Present,Near Future & Future.” There are times where the answers or significance of the position mean more to you. The last two  positions could mean “Possible Future and Outcome” or  “Reasoning Behind The Question and Situation’s Potential.” There are  many other meanings that may become clearer to you. With this reading, you will receive a free hand written note with the summary of your interpretation.

Tarot Cards ~ Trumps

One hour – 10 Card Reading “Celtic Cross” – $100

This is an in-depth reading when looking for answers to specific question. The positions of the cards range from the Present, Distant Past, Challenges, Influences, and Possible Outcomes. Many other meanings may become clearer to you. Be prepared to see your situation from an objective point of view. You will receive a handwritten summary of your reading.

Planning that Halloween or Samhain get together? Want to have readings for private party or event!  Please book me EARLY! My availability goes fast! Each guest will receive a 3 card / 15 minute reading and a free hand written transcription of the session. NO audio or video recording please!  Please email:  with the following in formation:

  • Contact Name:
  • Contact phone:
  • Contact email:
  • Type of Event:
  • Date, Time & Duration:
  • Number of guests:

Please be advised that I can only ready 20-25 guests in one event and require two fifteen minute breaks.* Price is $25 per guest with a non refundable $50 deposit to book the date. Full payment for event is expected and required before the event begins. Payment can be made by:

all-cc-logos (with a $1 transaction fee)

*In the event that another reader is needed I can offer contact information but cannot guarantee the same pricing structure or agreements.

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