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Reading for October 13, 2013

Today’s card is from the The Waite-Colman Smith Deck

The King of Swords


King Of Swords

Once, I was the King of Spain…

A man shown is on a throne, sword in hand – comfortable and in control. Clear skies are overhead with a pair of birds on the breeze. Clouds gather on the horizon. He shows no concern.

So, you know that person who is a utter genius? A mastermind? Calm, cool, collected this person doesn’t mince words, never says the wrong thing and you’re quite sure is somehow controlling the world….  This person won’t stand for injustice and never sway from what he/she thinks is right. Logic, not emotion, rules in everything. Yes. You want to be that person right now. Channel them and get the show on the road!

Be committed to your own truth, hone those communication skills and analytical thinking skills. Be an absolute professional while basing all your actions and decisions on careful thought. You may seem cold and brusque to others, however, the fastest way to your success is being decisive – and fair. Remember that part – FAIR. Even when your actions are the right thing to do, some people will get their feelings hurt.  They may not see that you are acting from your core beliefs. They don’t have to – you are doing what’s right.

It’s good to be the King!