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Reading for June 10, 2014

Today’s card is from the The Waite-Colman Smith Deck

Temperance – XIV



A golden haired winged figure stands pouring water from one golden goblet to another.  Dressed in a white gown, the figure has one foot on land, and one in a stream. A road leads from the stream to the mountains in the far distance on the left. In the mountains, a golden light shines. On the right, green stalks rise from the ground with yellow flowers blooming.


The Temperance Card is right on time with Mercury in Cancer AND Retrograde.  Talk about never saying the right thing when it comes to how you feel!  So what do we do? Pull back, come together and find balance.  And just like last year, it’s not easy.  Whatever you’re working on, keep on keeping on. Don’t make any grand changes, don’t make any snap assumptions. You have to treat it like science:  make one small variable change and track the results. It’s highly possible that whatever you perceive as problems don’t need to be fixed. The instructions are probably translated from six other languages – poorly.

When you ‘re ready to move forward, center, find your balance, then go. You don’t have to be cold or methodical about it. Your emotional feelings are perfectly valid as long as you add a dose of practicality on top. You may have to compromise, and that’s OK too.

Just remember: All work and no play is bad for you – so is all play and no work.  Go play feel, do, dance, sing, pray, work and fly – and keep the balance within you.




Reading for August 3, 2013

Today’s Card is from the African American Tarot by Lo Scarabeo:

6 The Lovers

Love is in the air! Now, hold your horses. All love isn’t romance or at first sight. This card has a deeper meaning than how your next date will go.

The deities mentioned on this card are  Adriambahomanana and Andriamahilala, the first humans in Madagascar mythology. After fulfilling their divine duties, they got to choose their own after life.  Adriambahomanana chose to be a banana tree, to be reborn every spring. Andriamahilala chose to become the moon, ever in a cycle of death and rebirth.

This card also represents land, agriculture and the harvest. Adriambahomanana became a banana tree – food that sustains humans to this day. Large groves of these trees are farmed year round in the world.   Andriamahilala became the moon, a visible and repeating symbol in many cultures of the spiritual energy.

At it’s core, this card is about spiritual integrity, inner balance and the attraction of opposites – in many shapes and forms.  Seek out those who complement you in temperament and goals. With these new friendships and relationships you’ll find that inner balance you seek. Once this balance is attained, the Divine will find you worthy and offer you the reward you seek.