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Reading for June 24, 2014

Today’s card is from the The Waite-Colman Smith Deck

Queen Of Pentacles


Queen of Pentacles


A woman sits alone on a throne. Carvings of  goats, fruit bearing trees, winged beings, and other symbols are visible. The tree above her is heavy with fruit and flowers. The ground beneath her is rich and verdant. She gently holds a single golden pentacle.  A rabbit is in the foreground. Cool blue mountains are in the distance against a golden sky.

 It’s good to be the Queen!

The original “Earth Mother” this is a card of nurturing in our homes, families, and tribes. It is also a card of practical energy.  Time to look at the balance between the home, work and spiritual lives – and lovingly adjust if need be.  Sure you can bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan. When was your last pedicure? Yes, you’ve got the business section of the newspaper memorized. What about the stats for your favorite sport?  Sure you’ve knocked fifteen books on improving your business life. Called Mom or your friends lately? Yeah. Didn’t think so.

The thing about the Earth Mother and “moms” in general, is that they and their lives are invested in you. How about you invest in yourself and show that it wasn’t a waste of time? Take care of yourself (yes and your bank account) and get back to not just being successful. Be happy too!




Reading for June 17, 2014

Today’s card is from the

Tarot of the Journey to the Orient by Lo Scarabeo

Also known as the Marco Polo Tarot. Created by Riccardo Minetti, Severino Baraldi

Three of Swords

Three of Swords

A young boy tiptoes into someone else’s richly colored tent. Dressed a red robe and shabby trousers, he is barefoot. His face is a mask of fear as he passes a basket at the entrance. Does the basket contain snakes? Is there a trap in the tent? The boy doesn’t know. He only knows that he’s afraid.

No one likes this card. Doesn’t matter what deck it is. Everyone hates it. Why? Because this card is all about facing the pain in life – no illusions, no excuses, no running away.

Take a good look around you. Is everything really hunky dory? Are you inadvertently causing someone else pain? While you may love to get up a jog a 5 am every morning, is your door slamming or car alarm beep bothering the shift worker next door?

Yeah. That.

Add in a healthy dose of Mercury Retrograde and you’ve got yourself one giant misunderstanding that can lead to all kinds of heartache and more bad karma that you can balance in a lifetime.  And it’s all in the name of “but I didn’t know!”

Well here’s your sign. Let’s all take a moment. Take a deep breath and take a look around. You may not be able to come right out and ask if you’re ruining someone’s life –  but you can see the signs. Watch for body language, tone of voice and above all, no one talking to you about how awesome your day was.  Take some that awesome and see if can make someone else’s day brighter.

 It’s a tough card to get through today – but you can do it!



Reading for June 10, 2014

Today’s card is from the The Waite-Colman Smith Deck

Temperance – XIV



A golden haired winged figure stands pouring water from one golden goblet to another.  Dressed in a white gown, the figure has one foot on land, and one in a stream. A road leads from the stream to the mountains in the far distance on the left. In the mountains, a golden light shines. On the right, green stalks rise from the ground with yellow flowers blooming.


The Temperance Card is right on time with Mercury in Cancer AND Retrograde.  Talk about never saying the right thing when it comes to how you feel!  So what do we do? Pull back, come together and find balance.  And just like last year, it’s not easy.  Whatever you’re working on, keep on keeping on. Don’t make any grand changes, don’t make any snap assumptions. You have to treat it like science:  make one small variable change and track the results. It’s highly possible that whatever you perceive as problems don’t need to be fixed. The instructions are probably translated from six other languages – poorly.

When you ‘re ready to move forward, center, find your balance, then go. You don’t have to be cold or methodical about it. Your emotional feelings are perfectly valid as long as you add a dose of practicality on top. You may have to compromise, and that’s OK too.

Just remember: All work and no play is bad for you – so is all play and no work.  Go play feel, do, dance, sing, pray, work and fly – and keep the balance within you.




Reading for November 4, 2013

Today’s card is from the The Waite-Colman Smith Deck

The Two of Swords

Two of Swords

A blindfolded woman sits on a stone bench, a sword in each hand, arms crossed before her. Clear skies are overhead with the crescent moon overhead. The seas behind her are calm. The island show no activity. Key ideas are being impartial, facing indecision, becoming closed off, identifying conflicting ideas

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Yeah. Mondays. Mercury in retrograde doesn’t help either.

You’re on the fence with some decisions here. Why? Because you don’t want to hurt the feelings of other. You know that’s not going to do you any good either right?  Take a step back and look at things rationally. Yes your heart may be up in arms about things, but your head is in charge. Be rational about everything – even your heart issues. Denying how you feel? Ignoring the truth? Trying to convince yourself that ignorance is bliss?



This rut you’re in is not healthy. Time to look rationally at your choice and go for it.You’ve got your life straight so far. You’ve got the routine down so well you can do it blindfolded. You got this. Yeah someone will get cut or hurt – that someone could even yourself. That can’t stop you. You got this!